Messtechnik GmbH
About Us
DR. STRAUSS GmbH was founded in 1985 by Dr.-Ing. Werner Strauss, a specialist with long experience in test- and measuring technique.
The small HIGH-TECH-company is specialized on developement and manufacturing of equipment for digital impulse measurement and calibration especially for high-voltage and high-power applications.

In August 2009 Dr.-Ing. Werner Strauss retired and overgave the company to two of his long-term employees Thomas Waldheuser and Torsten Piehl.

We have a clear outlook for the company for minimum the next 25 years and guarantee all customers of DR. STRAUSS
equipment best support and service, just like it has been our manner in the past.

Because of enlargement the company moved in July 2013 from former Gundelsheim to two new locations: Baunach and Oberhaid
(both around only 10kms from Gundelsheim).

The multichannel digital recorders with highest performance with sampling rates up to 250 MS/s and 16 Bit resolution and impulse voltage calibrators with best accuracy and long term stability come from own developement and fulfill highest requirements. The software for operation of the systems and for applications is developed and maintenanced by our own specialists. The application of this impulse measuring equipment follows in industrie, research and metrological institutes around the world. Typical applications are impulse voltage test of power transformers and switchgear, routine tests in quality control on tap changers, switchgear, measurement of skin-thickness with ultrasound in medicine, reflection measurements with laser (LIDAR), micro-wave spectrometrie in physical chemistry, ... The company founded the first European calibration laboratory for impulse measurement inside the German Calibration Service (DKD) in 1994 and was accredited on 06.06.1994 by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) with DAR registration number D-K-15205-01-00 DR. STRAUSS GmbH is the first company which may calibrate impulse measuring and calibration systems for h.v. impulse tests with traceability to National Standards and may issue calibration certificate which documents the traceability to national standards, which realize the units of measurement according to the International System of Units (SI). The laboratory is equipped with a Reference-Standard Measuring Equipment TR-AS® 200-14 and KAL 1000 both from own manufactury.